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pull your hair when your

Le 5 mars 2016, 04:54 dans Humeurs 0

It's an Opportunity

Do you gnash your teeth and pull your hair when your Internet connection goes out? I suspect that most of us at least those of us who rely on the Internet for work purposes do. I've been known to leave my home office with my laptop, in desperate search for a wireless hotspot, rather than wait out any downtime.

But there's a flip side to the enforced disconnect, as Celine Roque noted when she wrote about Internetfree zones in Web Worker Daily (and thanks to Lifehacker for linking to the post). Roque points out that you can actually use the unexpected "break" to improve your productivity if you look at it as an opportunity for increased focus.

After all, if you're not being distracted by the pinging of your email, or the lure of Facebook or the latest movie reviews, chances are you'll do a better job of prioritizing your todo list and actually singletasking for a while.

In fact, Roque advocates creating noInternet zones (for her, these include the dining table and her bedroom) to reduce the distractions surfing the Web provides. You can also create windows of time during your day or week where you voluntarily pull the plug on your Internet to pump up your productivity, or pay closer attention to the other things in your life that matter, like family and recreation.


For more insights, read Roque's entire post. And share any experiences you've had with consciously disconnecting from the Internet in the comments section.

valentino shoes sale As a result

Le 3 mars 2016, 09:44 dans Humeurs 0

Lear Gains From Stronger Demand For Pickups

automotive industry is witnessing healthy growth with total sales up 8.5% through July. [1] One company that often benefits from a strong automotive market but does not get enough attention is Lear Corporation (NYSE:LEA). Lear is one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of automotive interiors. In addition to providing seating systems, the company also provides electrical distribution systems to automakers. The seating segment accounts for a little more than half of the company's valuation, as per our estimates.

In 2012, the company derived 19%, 18% and 11% of its revenues from GM (NYSE:GM), Ford (NYSE:F) and BMW, respectively. All these companies have outpaced the overall automotive market this year. The fact that Lear's three biggest customers are all performing strongly is only benefiting the company. In the latest quarter, revenues surged 12% prompting Lear to further raise its guidance for the remainder of the year. The strong demand for cars as well as demand for upscale automotive interiors bode well for Lear's profitability.

More Content Per Vehicle? The average price of common car seats is between $900 and $1,200 and that of mediumgrade cars is between $1,350 and $1,700. The average price of top notch luxury seats is over $1,900. The seating equipment that Lear makes is preferred for highend cars and pickups rather than economical budget cars.

The American car market has rebounded strongly after crashing in 2009 with the last 23 years seeing double digit growth. However, the rate of growth could plateau once the market size nears the prerecession levels. valentino shoes sale As a result, car manufacturers such as GM, Ford and Honda (NYSE:HMC) are now turning their attention toward reviving their luxury brands. The luxury car market jumped 12% to 1.6 million units in 2012 and sales in 2013 have kept pace with the overall automotive market.

Last year, GM announced an ambitious plan to double the sales of its Cadillac within three years starting 2012. In fact, Cadillac sales are up 30% this year on new introductions such as the ATS and the XTS sedans last year. [2] Furthermore, GM intends to triple the sales of Cadillac to 100,000 in China by 2015 after getting a permit to manufacture vehicles locally.

Even Ford is trying to revive its Lincoln brand with mixed success so far. Even if Lincoln fails to generate optimal sales, Ford is doing pretty well as a company. In China, Ford's monthly sales continue to increase by more than 40%. In Europe, the automaker has been able to post positive sales in the last couple of months despite a decline in the overall automotive market. Thus, the demand for Ford cars should be steady in the next few years. This is definitely advantageous to Lear as well.


Besides luxury cars, pickups are doing great too. The housing rebound is fueling growth in pickup trucks, which are used extensively for construction purposes. A major reason why the sales of GM and Ford have outpaced that of the overall market is because these automakers have a strong presence in the pickup segment. The average price of pickups is generally higher than that of mainstream cars and these generally deploy more seating per vehicle.

cheap valentino shoes muchanticipated event

Le 1 mars 2016, 07:54 dans Humeurs 0

Salma Hayek Wows In Skintight Dress At ELLE Women In Hollywood Event

Latina movie star Salma Hayek proved once again that she still got what it takes to stun a crowd.

After gracing the cover of Elle Magazine's November issue, Hayek went on to attend the 22nd Annual Elle Women in Hollywood Awards, which was held at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons.

The cheap valentino shoes muchanticipated event, which features some of the biggest names in Hollywood, was created to celebrate women who are influencing the world's most wellknown entertainment industry. The 49yearold star, whose career in Hollywood was jumpstarted by her early roles in the 1995 film Desperado and From Dusk Till Dawn in 1996.

In her gorgeous Elle spread, Hayek donned a sexy black strapless dress by Stella McCartney complemented by smoky eye makeup and a wetlook hairstyle. The dress did wonders to her already fabulous figure, and was complemented by dramatic eyes and a bright red lip.

Aside from being a celebrated actress, Hayek has also been successful as a businesswoman. In 2000, she put up her own production company called Ventanarosa, through which she produced films like Frida, In the Time of the Butterflies, and The Maldonado Miracle, as well as the hit TV series Ugly Betty.


Hayek's Frida costar Alfred Molina commended her acting and business savvy. He also compared her to Miramax cofounder Harvey Weinstein, saying that she would have been bigger than Weinstein had she been "white and male."

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